Rebooting Giornalismo

So the semester has ended for me and with it comes more time to do stuff. With the extra time, I started the re-coding for Giornalismo.

The goal of the rewrite is to document things better and to make sure all of the code is up to the WordPress standard. Hopefully this results in a much better, smoother and quicker review process when I finally submit the theme.

I’ve already knocked out a good part of the rewrite, finishing the functions.php file this week. It’s not 100 percent complete as I might add to it and organize it better, but the code looks good and each function has solid documentation.

From here, I plan on getting the style.css file going with the basic styles and then will add to it as I go through the templates. I also plan to start re-coding by hand the header.php template, using all of the HTML5 markup.

As for Nuovo, there were still some issues with it and I fixed all of them Monday and am waiting for the reviewer to get back to me. Hopefully there’s not too many more issues and it can get in to the theme directory soon.

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