Plugins in the WordPress directory finally updated

After an embarrassing long amount of time, each of my four main plugins in the WordPress plugin directory have been updated.

Each of the new updates adds a Gutenberg block that can be used if you’re using the new block editor. Functionally, all of the plugins remain the same. The only adjustments have been to take advantage of the way the new editor works. For example, you can now see exactly what the block will look like on the front end.

If you come across any issues, please either file an issue in the respective GitHub directory, comment below, email me or reach out on social media. Also, each of the four plugins is open sourced, and you can contribute on GitHub.

My goal now is to go through each of the four themes in the theme directory and redevelop them using the WP Rig starter theme and bring them in to the 2020s.

Going further, I’m hoping to restart a three-update-a-year pattern for each of the plugins and themes.

GitHub repositories

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