Setting up your Local SEO data

Once the plugin has been installed and set up, you’ll need to add in your information for your business. Most of this is self explanatory. Just make sure that your information here is up to date and that it is also the same as information you might about your business elsewhere. Otherwise, it might confuse both people and Google.

But there are a few fields that require a bit of an explanation.

First, the business type should be whatever closely relates to what your business does. If you run a business but don’t see something like what your business does, it’s best to select “Local Business”.

Next, while coordinates aren’t required for your Local SEO, it can be a help in pinpointing exactly where your business is located. To calculate your business’ coordinates, check out this short guide.

If you don’t have a VAT or Tax ID or Chamber of Commerce ID, don’t worry about filling out those fields.

For opening hours, if you are open all day, then you can select “0:00” for open and “23:59” for close. If you’re closed on that day, you can leave both at “0:00”. Right now the time uses the 24-hour clock system.

And that’s it. Once you have all of those fields filled out, you’re good to go with the plugin.